Community Services - Idaho to Kansas



Buffalo-berry Farm
5 I East Lake Fork Rd. McCall, ID 83638 Tel: 208/634-3062 Fax: 208/634-3062
Specialize in propagating plants native to the intermountain region of the P.N.W. Container-grown trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses are avail. For restoration projects or wild gardens. Cat/R/M/W/C

Clifty View Nursery
R.R. 1, Box 509 Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 Tel: 208/267-7129 Fax: 208/267-8559
E.mail: cvn@dmi.net
N.W. Rocky Mountain native seedlings. Transplants and landscape-size plants. Specialize in quaking aspen. Cat/M/W/C

Hash Tree Company
1199 Bear Creek Rd. Princeton, ID 83857 Tel: 208/875-1000 Fax: 208/875-0731
Growing native plants such as Ponderosa pine, Colorado spruce, Douglas-fir, sub-alpine fir, Engelmann spruce, western larch, Black Hills spruce, concolor fir, bristlecone pine. Some species not available for 3-5 years. Cat/R/W

Lake Creek Seed
15700 S. Idaho Rd. Worley, ID 83876 Tel: 509/291-6661 Fax: 509/291-6661
Collectors and cleaners of native seed. Wildflower mixes, reclamation mixes, timber and wetland seeding, air-and hydroseeding. Cat/R/M/W

NORTHPLAN/Mountain Seed
P.O. Box 9107 Moscow, ID 83843-1607 Tel: 208/882-8040 Fax: 208/882-7446
E-mail: norplan@moscow.com
Supplier of native wildland species. R/M/W

Plantasia Cactus Gardens
867 Filer Ave. W. Twin Falls, ID 83301 Tel: 208/734-7959
E-mail: lorton@computer-depot.com
We sell cactus plants and cuttings that can survive 0 to -20 degrees F. Cat/M/R

Seeds Trust-High Altitude Gardens
P.O. Box 1048 Hailey,ID 83333 Tel: 208/788-4363 Fax: 208/788-3452
E-mail: higarden@micron.net
Hand-collected and sold seeds for more than 100 species for the past 14 years at 6,000-10,000 ft. in the mountains of central Idaho. Cat/M

Trail Creek Nursery, Inc.
18 West 700 South Victor, ID 83455 Order: 800/336-2470 Tel: 208/787-2470 Fax: 208/787-2470
Trail Creek Nursery, Inc., specializes in growing trees, shrubs and flowers for high elevation (6,000 ft.+), severe sites in the N. Rocky Mountain region (zones 2-4). R/W

Wildlife Habitat Institute
1025 E. Hatter Creek Road Princeton, ID 83851 Tel: 208/875-1146 Fax: 208/815-8704 E-mail: wlld@potlatch.com
Full range of wildlife habitat plants for backyards or National Forests. Highest quality plants designed explicitly for creating excellent wildlife habitat. Cat/M/C/W


Jayker Wholesale Nursery
4042 W. Chinden Meridan, ID 83642 Tel: 208/887-1790 Fax: 208/887-9330
Native shrubs, grasses, perennials common to the Pacific Northwest including Ulmus, Aquilegia, Artemisia, Holodiscus, Philadelphus, Rosa, Salix, more. Cat/W

Native Seed Foundation
Star Route Moyie Springs, ID 83845 Tel: 208/267-7938 Fax: 208/267-3265
Wholesale seeds of native plants from intermountain N.W., sold by lb or oz. Seeds of woody shrubs, forbs, wildflowers, trees, ground covers. Hand-gathered, processed on our farm, good viability. 21 years experience. Cat/W

Silver Springs Nursery
HC 62, Box 86 Moyle Springs, ID 83845 Tel: 208/267-5753 Fax: 208/267-5753
E-mail: ssninc@dmi.net
Wholesale; $100 minimum order.Cat/W/C


Absolutely Wild
25310 S. Stoney Island Ave. Crete, IL 60417 Tel: 708/672-5908 Fax: 708/672-5911
E-mail: absolutelywild@prodigy.com
More than 200 varieties of perennials and grasses. R/W

Bluestem Prairie Nursery
13197 E. 13th Rd Hillsboro, IL 62049 Tel: 217/532-6344
Plants native to midwestern prairies and savannas (open, upland, oak-hickory woods). Seeds sold by packet and custom mixes from Nov. through Feb. Plants sold bare root in March/April. Free catalog.Cat/M

Enders Greenhouse
104 Enders Dr. Cherry Valley, IL 61016 Tel: 815/332-5155 fax: 815/968-2941
E-mail: endrsnatvs@aol.com
Propagate and grow over 300 container-grown species of Midwestern native woodland wildflowers, ferns, forbs, grasses, sedges, for prairie, savanna, wetland. Cat/R/M/W/C

H. E. Nursery
1200 Old Rt. 66 North Litchfield, IL 61056 Tel: 217/324-6191 Fax: 217/324-5756
Sun and shade plants of central Illinois. Prairie, savanna, wood-land, wetland species. Specialize in vegetative selections: variations on color and growth forms. R/W/C

Lee's Gardens
P.O. Box 5 Tremont, IL 61568 Tel: 309/925-5262 Fax: 309/925-5010
E-mail: jiboshi@aol.com
Specialize in hostas, daylilies, wildflowers and other perennials. Cat/M/R

Midwest Wildflowers
Box 64 Rockton, IL 61072
Specialize in offering packets of seed only for more than 120 species. No plants or nursery. Cat/M

The Natural Garden, Inc.
38W443 Hwy. 64 St. Charles, IL 60175 Tel: 630/584-0150 Fax: 630/584-0185
More than 200 species of plants of the Chicago/Midwest region. Wide selection of forbs, grasses, sedges, and a few native shrubs and vines. Seeds/plants. Origin within a 90-mile radius. Cat/R/W/C/M

Purple Prairie Farm
R.R. 2, Box 176 Wyoming, IL 61491 Tel: 309/286-7356
Wholesale producer of grand prairie native flower seeds. Retail grower of the plants. R/W/C


Country Road Greenhouses, Inc.
19561 E. Twombly Rd. Rochelle, IL 61068 Tel: 815/384-3311 Fax: 815/384-5015
Midwest grasses, sedges, forbs from dry to wetland species. Prairie Plugsä use air pruning to stimulate dense, fibrous root systems. Contract growing available for Prairie Plugsä and larger containers. Wholesale only. Cat/C/W


Crystal Palace Perennials
P.O. Box 154 St. John, IN 46373 Tel: 219/374-9419 Fax: 219/374-9052
E-mail: Gspeichert@aol.com Web: www.crystalpalaceperennials.com
Large selection of water plants including over 100 native plants for ponds, bogs. Color catalog.

Earthly Goods, Ltd.
P.O. Box 614 New Albany, IN 47150 Tel: 812/944-2903 Fax: 812/944-2903
E-mail: earthlyg@aye.net Web: www.earthlygoods.com
Purveyors of wildflower and herb seeds, mixtures, and native grasses. Cat/R/M

Spence Restoration Nursery, Inc.
2220 E. Fuson Rd. P.O. Box 546 Muncie, IN 47308 Tel: 765/286-7154 Fax: 765/286-0264
Offer nursery-propagated mid-western native prairie, wetland, and woodland plants, container-grown in sizes ranging from plug to 2-gal. pots. Native plant and seed installation consultation design. Cat/R/M/W/C


Heyne Custom Seed Service
26420 510th St. R.R. I, Box 78 Walnut, IA 51577-9745 Tel: 712/784-3454 Fax: 712/784-2030
E-mail: heyneseeds@netins.net Web: www.netins.net/showcase/bluestern/index.html
Native grass seeds, wildflowers, custom seed cleaning.

Ion Exchange
1878 Old Mission Dr. Harpers Ferry, IA 52146-7533 Order: 800/291-2143 Tel: 319/535-7231 Fax: 319/535-7362
E-mail: hbright@means.net Web: www.ionxchange.com
Hundreds of Midwest species. Diverse seed mixes. Seed and containerized plants shipped UPS. Cat/M/W/C

Osenbaugh Grass Seeds
R.R. I, Box 44 Lucas, IA 50151 Order: 800/LUCAS 88 Tel: 515/766-6792 Fax: 515/766-6795
Producer, processor, marketer of Upper-Midwest prairie seeds, both improved cultivars and local ecotype.


Sharp Bros. Seed Co.
2001 S. Sycamore, Healy, KS 67850 Tel: 620-398-2231 Fax:620-398-2220
Grasses, forbs, wetland and riparian plants, and shrubs. W/R/M

Sunflower Farms
Rt. 2 Box 26AA, Cherryvace, KS 67335 Tel: 620-336-2066
Trees, shrubs, grasses, forbs, ferns, succulents. W/R


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