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NATIVE PLANT NURSERIES - West Virginia to Wyoming

Are you a nursery that would like to be listed?


Enchanter's Garden
HC77 Box 108, Hinton, WV 25951 Tel: 215/272-1843
E-mail: enchantersgarden@gmail.com Web: www.enchantersgarden.com
Plants propagated from local genetic sources found in the mid-Appalachian Region with overlap into prairie, piedmont, and more northern areas that include grasses, perennials, shrubs. trees, vines.

Hardscrabble Enterprises
P.O. Box 1124, Franklin, WV 26807 Tel/Fax: 304/358-2921
Mushroom spawn: native. Books on mushrooms native to U.S., including regional guides. Cat/R/M

Sunshine Farm & Gardens
Barry Glick, HC 67 Box 539 B, Renick, WV 24966 Tel: 304/497-2208 Fax: 304/497-2698
E-mail: barry@sunfarm.com Web: www.sunfarm.com
More than 10,000 different perennials that are hardy to zone 5. Main focus is East Coast native woodland plants. R/W/M/C/Cat


Agrecol Corp.
2918 Agriculture Dr., Madison, WI 53718 Tel: 608/226.2544
E-mail: ecosolutions@agrecol.com Web: www.agrecol.com
Wild Attraction™ native grasses, wildflower seed, plants. Certified for purity, germination and origin by Wisconsin Crop Improvement Association. Foundation seed sources from remnant Midwest prairie tracts. Wholesale, contract growing. W/C

Bluestem Farm
S5920 Lehman Rd., Baraboo, WI 53913 Tel: 608/356-0179
Web: www.bluestemfarm.com
Nursery-propagated prairie, savanna, and woodland plants native to southern Wisconsin, including lab-propagated orchids. Spring sales at the Dane County Farmers' Market. Farm sales by appointment only. %Native: 99. R/W/C

Everwilde Farms, Inc.
PO Box 40, Sand Creek, WI 54765 Tel: 715/658-0001 Fax: 888/848-3837
Email: steve@Everwilde.com Web: http://www.Everwilde.com
We are a grower of many rare and beautiful wildflower species native to the Midwest. While we carry many common species of wildflowers, we specialize in uncommon species that are hard to obtain elsewhere.
%Native: 85. R/W/C/S/O

Hayward State Forest Nursery
Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources, 16133 W. Nursery Road, Hayward, WI 54843 Tel: 715/634-2717 Fax: 715/634-7642
%Native: 100.

Hild & Associates
326 Glover Rd., S. River Falls, WI 54022 Orders: 800/790-9495 Tel: 715/426-5131 Fax: 715/426-9887
E-mail: ghild@hildnatives.com Website: www.hildnatives.com
Native prairie and wetland plants, grasses, and forbs. Plugs, plants from regional seed sources. Call for information on available plant material/price list. R/W/C

J & J Transplant Aquatic Nursery Inc.
W4980 County Rd. W., P.O. Box 227, Wild Rose, WI 54984-0227 Order: 800/622-5055 Tel: 715/256-0059 or 715/256-0196 Fax: 715/256-0039
E-mail: jmalchow@tranzplant.com Web: www.tranzplant.com
Aquatic plant material. Nursery-grown bare-root or potted 2-inch plugs to 25 gal. Full line of native wetland, sedge, meadow, wet prairie seeds. Consulting and wetland plantings. Cat/R/M/W/C

Kester's Wild Game Food Nurseries, Inc.
P.O. Box 516, Omro, WI 54963 Order: 800/558-8815 Tel: 920/685-2929 Fax: 920/685-6727
E-mail: pkester@vbe.com Web: www.kestersnursery.com
Native rootstock. We have supplied planting materials throughout the U.S. for 80 years. Cat/R/M/W

Kettle Moraine Natural Landscaping
W996 Birchwood Dr., Campbellsport, WI 53010 Tel: 920/533-8939
E-mail: brchwood@thesurf.com
Specialize in native, locally- gathered prairie seed from S.E. Wisconsin. To preserve local ecotypes, we sell only within the range the seed was collected. Natural landscaping services. %Native: 100. Cat/R/M

Marshland Transplant Aquatic Nursery
P.O. Box 1, Berlin, WI 54923
Order: 800/208-2842 Tel: 920/361-4200 Fax: 920/361-4200
E-mail: marshland@centurytel.net
Aquatic nursery-propagated wetland, woodland, and prairie plants, wildflowers, native grasses. Restoration, installation, contract growing.

Patty's Plants Natural and Organic Garden Supply
220 S. Janesville St., Milton, WI 53563
Tel: 608/580-0066 Fax: 866/336-6720
E-mail: patty@pattysplants.com
Web: www.pattysplants.com
At our eco-friendly garden center we carry over 60 varieties of native prairie, wildflowers, grasses and sedge plants provided by Tallgrass Restoration - Milton, WI. For a variety list available on plugs for our Prairies and Raingarden plants contact us.

Prairie Nursery, Inc.
P.O. Box 306, Westfield, WI 53964
Tel: 800/476-9453 Fax: 608/296-2741
E-mail: cs@prairienursery.com
Web: www.prairienursery.com
Prairie Nursery specializes in native plants that range from the Great Plains and Midwestern prairies to the Eastern woodlands, including forbs, ferns, grasses, sedges and shrubs. We offer a large selection of native plant species, pre-planned native gardens, native seed mixes and No Mow lawn seed mix. Order by phone or online – we ship nationwide.

Prairie Ridge Nursery
9738 Overland Rd., Mt. Horeb, WI 53572-2832 Tel: 608/437-5245 Fax: 608/437-8982
E-mail: crmeco@chorus.net Web: www.prairieridgenursery.com
Seeds and plants of prairie, wetland, woodland wildflowers and grasses native to the upper Midwest. Consulting and management services.
%Native: 100. Cat/R/M/W/S

Prairie Seed Source
P.O. Box 83, North Lake, WI 53064-0083
Tel: 262/673-7166
Seed only: 176 species of native southeastern genotypes of Wisconsin prairie.

Reeseville Ridge Nursery
512 S. Main St., P.O. Box 171, Reeseville, WI 53579 Tel: 920/927-3291 Fax: 920/927-3291
E-mail: rrn@charter.net
One- to three-year-old plants, bare-root or potted, of most eastern U.S. woody species; also, small quantities of seed on request.
%Native: 50. Cat/R/M/W/C

Stone Silo Prairie Gardens
4500 Oak Ridge Circle, DePere, WI 54115 Tel: 920/336-1662 Fax: 920/336-5745
E-mail: info@stonesiloprairiegardens.com Web: www.stonesiloprairie.com
We sell plants native to the upper midwest including prairie and woodland flowers and grasses as well as plants for use in Rain Gardens.
%Native: 100. R/W/O

Taylor Creek Restoration Nurseries
17921 W Smith Rd., P.O. Box 256, Brodhead, WI 53520 Tel: 608/897-8641 Fax: 608/897-2044
E-mail: tcrn@appliedeco.com, Web: www.appliedeco.com
30+ years of experience in native plants; 500+ species of prairie, emergent, wetland, woodland and savanna species in seed, plants, shrubs and trees. Local genotypes, expertise and advice. Contractors welcome. TCRN is a division of Applied Ecological Services, Inc., an ecological restoration firm offering ecological research, planning, permitting, design and construction services.
%Native: 100. R/W/M/S/C/Cat

Wildlife Nurseries, Inc.
P.O. Box 2724, Oshkosh, WI 54903 Tel: 920/231-3780 Fax: 920/231-3554
Variety of wetland and aquatic plants that provide food and habitat for wildlife and can be used in ornamental ponds and water gardens. Wildflowers, prairie grasses, wetland seed.

Wilson State Forest Nursery
5350 Highway 133 East, P.O. Box 305, Boscobel, WI 53808 Tel: 608/375-4563 Fax: 608/375-4126
%Native: 100.

Woods' Edge Farm
532 Stanek Rd., Muscoda, WI 53573 Tel: 608/739-3527 Fax: 608/739-3527
E-mail: info@woodsedgefarm.com Web: www.woodsedgefarm.com
Nursery-propagated herbaceous perennials and shrubs native to the woodlands and savannas of the upper Midwest. All plants are of a Wisconsin genotype.
%Native: 100. R/W/M/C


Chief River Nursery Co.
10681 N. McClain Road, Hayward, WI 54843 Tel: 800/367-9254 Fax: 800/266-5204
E-mail: info@chiefrivernursery.com Web: www.walinursery.com
%Native: 100. W

Detlor Tree Farm
Box 6, Plainfield, WI 54966 Tel: 715/335-4444 Fax: 715/335-4442
E-mail: detcoinc@hotmail.com
%Native: 100. W

Evergreen Nursery Co., Inc.
5027 County TT, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 Tel: 920/743-4464 Fax: 920/743-9184
%Native: 100. W

Great Lakes Nursery Co.
W2390 County Road J, Gleason, WI 54435 Tel: 715/873-3400 Fax: 715/848-9436
E-mail: info@greatlakesnursery.com Web: www.greatlakesnursery.com
Growers of primarily bareroot native plants with a wide selection of woodland and savanna species for the upper Midwest. We use sustainable agriculture methods and have never fumigated our soil. All species are inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi. We specialize in heavier plants (twice-transplants) for better survival.
%Native: 100. W

Gress Evergreen Nursery, Inc.
W. 7035 Highway 64, Polar, WI 54418 Tel: 715/623-6167 Fax: 715/421-7830
%Native: 100. W

K. F. Evergreens
Route 4, Box 141, Sparta, WI 54656 Tel: 608/272-3171 Fax: 608/272-3605
%Native: 100. W

Krueger's Northwoods Nursery
3682 Limberlost Rd., Rhinelander, WI 54501 Tel: 715/369-3959
%Native: 100. W

Laura's Lane Nursery
Box 232, Plainfield, WI 54966 Tel: 715/366-2477 Fax: 715/366-8201
Web: www.lauraslanenursery.com
%Native: 100. W

Lodholz North Star Acres, Inc.
420 Highway A, Tomahawk, WI 54487 Tel: 800/713-9077
Email: lodholznsa@verizon.net Web: www.lodholznursery.com
%Native: 100. W

Lowes Creek Tree Farm
59475 Lowes Creek Rd., Eleva, WI 54738 Tel: 715/878-4166 (888/878-4166) Fax: 715/878-4166
E-mail: christmas@lowescreektreefarm.com
Web: www.lowescreektreefarm.com
%Native: 100. W

Prairie Future Seed Company
W255 N9286 Tomahawk Dr, Sussex, WI 53089 Tel: 262/820-0211 Fax: 414/325-1228
E-mail: pfsco@wi.rr.com
%Native: 97. W


Little Goose Native Plants & Wildflowers
226 Main St., Box 445, Bighorn, WY 82833 Tel: 307/672-5340
Web: www.helpfulgardener.com
Species native to N.E. Wyoming, S.E. Montana, W. South Dakota and cold-hardy southern species pot-grown in 2.5-inch and 1-gal containers. Shrubs and trees in 1- to 20-gal. containers.

Wind River Seed, Inc.
3075 Lane 51 1/2, Manderson, WY 82432 Tel: 307/568-3361 Fax: 307/568-3364
E-mail: wrsales@windriverseed.com Web: www.windriverseed.com
Seeds of wildflowers, wetlands, grasses, and shrubs for the Intermountain West and Great Plains. %Native 90. Cat/R/M/W/C


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