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Beach Daisy
Aster chilensis

Spreading perennial from rhizome. 8"-2' high. Flowers: 1-3" violet to pink to white. 15-30 rays per flower.

Where Found  Lowlands, meadows, clearings. Sandier, moist soils. Often near ocean, bays or sound.

Notes  Attractive and relatively hardy. A welcome addition to most naturescapes.

Common Rush
Juncus effusus

Grass-like perennial with thin columnar shoots to 1 m.

Where Found  Moist to wet fields, drainages, pastures.

Notes  Common wetland species. Good for downspout runoff areas, swales, low sites.

Lupinus polyphyllus

Perennial, branched rhizome. Distinct palmate leaf, 10-15 leaflets. Purple flowers in linear, vertical clusters.

Where Found  Low to mid-elevations. Open habitat: meadows, disturbed sites (road cuts), shorelines. Moist to average soil.

Notes  Fixes nitrogen. Often sold as potted plant or as seed. Goes well with California Poppy.

Oregon Stone Crop
Sedum oreganum

Perennial "sedum." Succulent, rhizomal, spreading. Small yellow to pink flowers.

Where Found  Well drained sandy, rocky locations. Often at edge of forest.

Notes  Low succulent. Good for borders near walks, etc., rock gardens, well drained soils.

Also Consider:

Penstemon, Slough Sedge, Wood Saxifrage, Yarrow, Yellow-Eyed Grass


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