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Spring 2004
Plant Sales:

Here's How Sales Work

The philosophy behind our sales is essentially as follows. All nurseries specialize - some in plant size (trees, shrubs, etc.), some in function (groundcover, wetland, etc.). As a result, customers are often required to visit several nurseries (often located at great distance) to find what they are looking for.


At PlantNative, we do the leg work for you. We obtain plants from a wide variety of nurseries to assure a wide selection. We also offer the lowest retail prices. To make this happen, we cannot inventory all those plants, but rather ask you to select the plants you want in advance from a comprehensive plant order list generated for each sale. We get the plants you indicate. You can inspect them when you come to pick them up and you do not have to pay for any plants with which you are unsatisfied.

If you have received our electronic newsletter before, you will receive a plant list. If you have not received the newsletter, you must email us and request a plant list (your email address is held in strict confidence). Plants are to be picked up between 10am and Noon on the day of the sale (or as otherwise arranged) at 2227 NE 10th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97212. More details come with plant list.

Thank you!



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