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NURSERIES - Idaho to Kansas

Are you a nursery that would like to be listed?


Cedera Seed, Inc.
P.O. Box 97, 118 Hwy. 31, Swan Valley, ID 83449 Tel: 208/483-3683 Fax: 208/483-3684
Web: www.yourseedsupplier.com
%Native: 100. R/W/S

Coeur d'Alene Nursery - USDA Forest Service
3600 Nursery Rd., Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 Tel: 208/765-7375 Fax: 208/765-7474
Web: www.fs.fed.us/ipnf/nurs/wwwpages/wwwpage.htm
%Native: 100.

Draggin' Wing Farm, Water-Thrifty Plants for Idaho
5300 Stinger Dr, Boise, ID 83703 Tel: 208/345-4199
E-mail: diane@waterthriftyplants.com Web: www.waterthriftyplants.com
Native and locally-adapted water-thrifty plants for landscaping: flowering plants, shrubs, trees, grasses and groundcovers.
%Native: 50. R/W

Ford & Sons
2918 Woody Drive, Boise, ID 83703 Tel: 208/342-8088
Web: www.cdford.com

Plantasia Cactus Gardens
867 Filer Ave. West, Twin Falls, ID 83301 Tel: 208/734-7959
E-mail: lorton1@msn.com Web: plantasiacactusgardens.com
We sell cactus plants and cuttings that can survive 0 to -20 degrees F.

Seeds Trust-High Altitude Gardens
P.O. Box 596, Cornville, ID 86325 Tel: 928/649-3315 Fax: 928/649-8181
E-mail: support2@seedstrust.com Web: www.seedstrust.com
Hand-collected and sold seeds for more than 100 species for the past 14 years at 6,000-10,000 ft. in the mountains of central Idaho.

Sun Mountain Natives
1406 East F Street, Moscow, ID 83843
Tel: 208/883-7611 Fax: 208/882-6738
E-mail: rgilmore@turbonet.com Web: www.sunmountainnatives.com
%Native: 80.

Thorn Creek Native Seed Farm
1461 Thorn Creek Rd, Genesee, ID 83832 Tel: 208/596-9122
E-mail: jacie@nativeseedfarm.com Web: www.nativeseedfarm.com
Fourth-generation family farm producing 100% Palouse and Inland Northwest sourced native forb seed on Palouse rain-fed fields.  Seed sold in bulk, packets and custom prairie mixes.
%Native: 100. W/R/S/O

Trail Creek Nursery, Inc.
Jayson Calderwood, 7095 S Hwy 33, PO Box 529, Victor, ID 83455 Tel: 208/787-2470 Fax: 208/787-2475
E-mail: jaysontcn@msn.com Web: www.trailcreeknursery.com
Specializes in growing trees, shrubs and flowers for high elevation (6,000 ft.+), severe sites in the N. Rocky Mountain region (zones 2-4). Landscaping services available.
%Native: 70. R/W/S

Twin Peaks Nursery
51 East Lake Fork Rd., McCall, ID 83638 Tel: 208/634-3062 Fax: 208/634-3062
Web: buffaloberryfarm.com
Specialize in propagating plants native to the intermountain region of the P.N.W. Container-grown trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and grasses are avail. For restoration projects or wild gardens. Cat/R/M/W/C

Wildlife Habitat Nursery
1025 E. Hatter Creek Road, Princeton, ID 83851 Tel: 208/875-2500 Fax: 208/875-8900
E-mail: wlld@potlatch.com Web: www.whn-online.com
Full range of wildlife habitat plants for backyards or National Forests. Highest quality plants designed explicitly for creating excellent wildlife habitat.


Clifty View Nursery
312 Clifty View Rd, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805 Tel: 208/267-7129 Fax: 208/267-8559
E-mail: info@cliftyview.com Web: www.cliftyview.com
N.W. Rocky Mountain native seedlings. Transplants and landscape-size plants. Specialize in quaking aspen.

Jayker Wholesale Nursery
4740 W. Chinden, Meridian, ID 83642 Tel: 208/887-1790 Fax: 208/887-9330
E-mail: info@jayker.com Web: www.jayker.com
Native shrubs, grasses, perennials common to the Pacific Northwest including Ulmus, Aquilegia, Artemisia, Holodiscus, Philadelphus, Rosa, Salix, more.

Western Forest Systems, Inc.
3731 15th Street, Lewiston, ID 83501 Tel: 208/743-0147 Fax: 208/746-0791
E-mail: schaeferj@valley-internet.net
%Native: 100. W


Aquatic Nursery
38W135 McDonald Rd., Elgin, IL 60123 Tel: 847/741-7678
Web: aquatic-nursery.business.site
%Native: 25. R/W

Blazing Star Nursery
2107 Edgewood Drive, Woodstock, IL 60098 Tel: 815/338-4716 Fax: 815/338-4716
E-mail: tallgrass@blazing-star.com Web: www.blazing-star.com
%Native: 100. R/W

Glacier Oaks Nursery
8216 White Oaks Rd, Harvard, IL 60033 Tel: 815/482-7404 Fax: 815/943-3511
E-mail: glonursery@owc.net Web: www.glacieroaksnursery.com
Propagation and container growing of native plants with GO root system of fibrous roots and Rootkeepers™. Specialty and guaranteed contract growing arrangements available.
%Native: 100. W/R/C/O

Mason State Nursery IL Dept. of Natural Resources, Forest Resources
17855 N. Country Road, 2400 E. Topeka, IL 61567 Tel: 309/535-2195 Fax: 309/535-3286
E-mail: dhorvath@dnrmail.state.il.usWeb: www2.illinois.gov
%Native: 100.

Natural Garden Natives™ sold by Midwest Groundcovers LLC
P.O. Box 748 , St. Charles, IL 60174
Tel: 847/742-1790 Fax: 847/742-2655
Web: www.midwestgroundcovers.com, www.naturalgardennatives.com
The Natural Garden Natives™ line from Midwest Groundcovers LLC includes 245 local eco-type species of native plants, origin within 90-mile radius of St. Charles, IL. Wide selection of native forbs, grasses, sedges, shrubs, and vines. Midwest Groundcovers also grows Midwest regional natives and American Beauties™ Native Plants, as well as groundcovers, ornamentals, shrubs, evergreens and green roof plants.
%Native: 30. W/C/Cat/O

Possibility Place Nursery
7548 W. Monee-Manhattan Road, Monee, IL 60449
Tel: 708/534-3988 Fax: 708/534-6272
E-mail: info@possibilityplace.com Web: www.possibilityplace.com
%Native: 100. R/W

Prairie Earth Nursery
Jim Alwill, Rural Route 1 Box 151, Bradford, IL 61421 Tel: 309/897-9911
E-mail: Jim_alwill@yahoo.com Web: www.prairierthfarm.com/PrairiErth_Farm/Homepage
Illinois native grass and forbs, native trees, shrubs and evergreens. Two-inch plugs, quarts, 1-gal, 5-gal, special orders accepted. Also grows special deep-rooted containers for deep-rooted prairie plants and trees (6" dia x 12" tall). Specializing in North and Central IL ecotype. Custom prairie combining.
%Native: 99.9 R/W/S/C

Simply Native Nursery
681 State Hwy 135, Alexis, IL 61412 Tel: 309/371-9598 Fax: 309/586-4078
E-mail: contact@simplynativenursery.com Web: www.simplynativenursery.com
Western IL/ Eastern IA prairie, wetland and woodland forbs, grasses and ephemerals, as well as forbs and grasses suitable for rain gardens and bioswales. Small selection of shrubs and trees. Pot sizes: 2" Sq., 3 1/2" Sq., 4 1/2" extra deep and #1 Ct. (perennials), #1, #2 and #3 Ct. shrubs. We also offer landscape design services.
%Native: 95. R/O/M/W - 4 1/2 and #1 Ct.


Country Road Greenhouses, Inc.
19561 E. Twombly Rd., Rochelle, IL 61068 Tel: 815/384-3311 Fax: 815/384-5015
E-mail: crginc@prarieplugs.com Web: www.prairieplugs.com
Midwest grasses, sedges, forbs from dry to wetland species. Prairie Plugs™ use air pruning to stimulate dense, fibrous root systems. Contract growing available for Prairie Plugs™ and larger containers. Wholesale only. Cat/C/W

Genesis Nursery, Inc.
23200 Hurd Rd., Tampico, IL 61283 Tel: 815/438-2220 Fax: 815/438-2222
Web: www.genesisnurseryinc.com
%Native: 100. W/S/C/Cat

King Nursery
6128 E Sandwich Road, Big Rock, IL 60511 Tel: 630/554-1171
E-mail: sales@kingnurseryonline.com Web: www.kingnurseryonline.com
%Native: 50. W

Majestic Oaks Nursery
8714 Richardson Road, Spring Grove, IL 60081 Tel: 815/675-6240 Fax: 815/675-0529
E-mail: sales@majesticoaksnursery.com Web: majesticoaksnursery.com
Specializing in native woody plants for northern ecotypes. Grown from locally-collected seed using advanced methods of root modification to increase transplant success.
%Native: 80. W/C/O

McHenry County Nursery, Inc.
8501 White Oaks Rd, Harvard, IL 60033-8310 Tel: 815/943-8733 Fax: 815/943-3511
E-mail: mcn@beesongrows.com Web: www.beesongrows.com
Growing a 'Diverse-Choice'™ of Native and Cultivated Specimen Trees.
%Native: 35. W/C/Cat/O

Pesche's Flowers and Gardencenter
Kim Ellson, 170 S River Rd, Des Plaines, IL 60016
Tel: 847-299-1300 Fax: 847-299-4759
E-mail: kim@pesches.com Web: www.pesches.com
%Native: 20. W

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, LLC
10729 Pine Road, Leland, IL 60531 Tel: 815/495-2300 x 102 Fax: 815/498-4406
E-mail: gracek@pizzonursery.com Web: www.pizzonursery.com
Pizzo Native Plant Nursery specializes in growing native forbs, grasses, sedges, rushes, vines, shrubs, and seed all true to a native, local eco-type. Our wholesale products are applicable everywhere from landscapes to green roofs and we are dedicated to quality and serving the needs of the our customers and clients. Email us for our free copy of our native plant Resource Guide.
%Native: 100. W/C/S/P/O


Earthly Goods, Ltd.
P.O. Box 614, 620 E. Main St, New Albany, IN 47150
Tel: 812/944-3283 Fax: 812/944-2903
E-mail: earthlyg@aye.net Web: www.earthlygoods.com
Purveyors of wildflower and herb seeds, mixtures, and native grasses. Cat/R/M

The Land Nursery
513 Sharon Rd., West Lafayette, IN 47906 Tel: 765/463-2994
E-mail: wbein2@frontier.com Web: walterbeineke.com
Shrubs and trees only.
%Native: 85. R/W

Munchkin Nursery and Gardens LLC
323 Woodside Dr. N.W., Depauw, IN 47115-9039 Tel: 812/633-4858 Fax: 812/633-4858
E-mail: genebush@munchkinnursery.com Web: www.munchkinnursery.com
Specializes in native and non-native shrubs and woodland perennial wildflowers. No shipping west of the Rockies.
%Native: 60-75. R


Cardno Native Plant Nursery
128 Sunset Drive, Walkerton, IN 46574 Tel: 574/586-2412 Fax: 574/586-2718
E-mail: nurserysales@cardno.com Web: www.cardnonativeplantnursery.com
Specializes in native seed and native plant species for restoration and mitigation of wetlands, upland, riparian, prairie, woodlands. Live stakes, fascines, wattles, vegetated coir logs and mats for stream, lake shoreline, slope stabilization. Custom seed mixes, contract growing, all sizes of plants. Specification and other consulting assistance. Supply across the U.S.
%Native: 100. W/S/C/Cat/O

Heartland Restoration Services, Inc.
14921 Hand Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Tel: 260/489-8511 Fax: 260/489-8607
E-mail: mail@earthsourceinc.net Web: www.earthsourceinc.net
%Native: 100. W/S

Spence Restoration Nursery, Inc.
Amy Rhodes, Restoration Ecologist. 2220 E. Fuson Rd., Muncie, IN 47302
Tel: 765/286-7154 Fax: 765/286-0264
E-mail: amy@spencenursery.com Web: www.spencerestorationnursery.com
Native herbaceous species for wetland, prairie, and woodland. Container grown in open-bottomed pots. Source identified native seeds of eastern Midwest genotypes.
%Native: 100. W/S/C/Cat

Woody Warehouse, Inc.
Pete Berg, 3339 W. 850 N. Lizton, IN 46149
Tel: 317/994-5487 Fax: 317/994-5494
E-mail: sales@woodywarehouse.com Web: www.woodywarehouse.com
Propagate native trees and shrubs using air root pruning technology. All plant material is container grown to maximize survival, vigor, and installation windows. Rootmaker Certified and Indiana Seed Certified plant material is available.
%Native: 90. W/C/Cat


Allendan Seed
1966 175th Lane, Winterset, IA 50273 Tel: 515/462-1241 Fax: 515/462-4084
E-mail: Allendan@allendanseed.com Web: www.allendanseed.com
%Native: 100. R/W/S

Broad View Wildflower Seed
428 Hamilton Ave #4, Grinnell, IA 50112 Tel: 832/744-5151
E-mail: John@Broadviewwildflowerseed.com Web: www.broadviewwildflowerseed.com
We sell a seed package of mixed perennial Tall Prairie wildflowers for creating a garden for native life.  All specie are tall in height and provide lots of blooms for nourishment of insects and then in late summer and fall provide seed for song birds. 
%Native: 100. R/S

Diversity Farms
25494 320th, Dedham, IA 51440 Tel: 712/683-5555
E-mail: dfarms@pionet.net
%Native: 100. R/W

Freedom Creek Prairie
Julie or Rick Schafer, 1556 Sycamore Ave., Prescott, IA 50859
Tel: 641-782-0804
E-mail: julie@freedomcreekprairie.com Web: www.freedomcreekprairie.com
2nd generation remnant prairie seed that grows in a natural ecosystem. Hand collected, cleaned and packaged.
%Native: 100. W/R/S/O

Iawisil Forest Nursery
1621 McCabe Lane, Cascade, IA 52033
Tel: 563/852-5056 Fax: 563/852-6056
E-mail: leo@iawisil.com Web: iawisil.com
Specializes in native trees and shrubs to help you create natural plantings whether around your home or acreage or for establishing many acres in reforestation plantings for forest renewal, conservation reserve programs (CRP), field windbreaks, and now tested hybrid poplars for phyto re-mediation projects, biomass, pasture shade, etc.
%Native: 80. R/W/M/C/S/Cat/O

Ion Exchange
1878 Old Mission Dr., Harpers Ferry, IA 52146-7533 Order: 800/291-2143 Tel: 563/535-7231 Fax: 563/535-7362
E-mail: sales@ionxchange.com Web: www.ionxchange.com
Hundreds of Midwest species. Diverse seed mixes. Seed and containerized plants shipped UPS. %Native: 100. Cat/M/W/C

Kingfisher Farms
29633 170th Ave., Long Grove, IA 52756 Tel: 563/285-5406
Web: http://www.kingfisherfarmiowa.com
%Native: 100. R/W

Osenbaugh's Grass Seeds
11009 542nd St., Lucas, IA 50151 Order: 800/LUCAS 88 Tel: 641/766-6792 Fax: 641/766-6795
E-mail: info@prairieseedfarms.com Web: www.prairieseedfarms.com
Producer, processor, marketer of Upper-Midwest prairie seeds, both improved cultivars and local ecotype.
%Native: 75.


De Lange Seed, Inc.
P.O. Box 7, Girard, KS 66743 Tel: 620/724-6223 Fax: 620/724-6222
E-mail: delangseed@ckt.net Web: www.delangeseed.com
%Native: 30. R/W

Kansas Forest Service
2610 Claflin Rd., Manhattan, KS 66502-1798 Tel: 785/532-3300 Fax: 785-532-3305
E-mail: kfs@k-state.edu Web: www.kansasforests.org
%Native: 100

Kaw River Restoration Nurseries
1269 N. 222nd Rd., Baldwin City, KS 66006 Tel: 785/842-3300 Fax: 785/842-3313
E-mail: krrn@appliedeco.com Web: www.appliedeco.com
30+ years of experience in native plants; hundreds of species of prairie, emergent, wetland, woodland and savanna species in seed, plants, shrubs and trees. Local genotypes, expertise and advise. Contractors welcome. KRRN is a division of Applied Ecological Services, Inc., an ecological restoration firm offering ecological research, planning, permitting, design and construction services.
%Native: 100. W/R/C/S/Cat

Sharp Bros. Seed Co.
1005 S. Sycamore, Healy, KS 67850 Tel: 800/462-8483, 620/398-2231 Fax: 620/398-2220
E-mail: buffalo@sharpseed.com Web: www.sharpseed.com
Grasses, forbs, wetland and riparian plants, and shrubs.

Vinland Valley Nursery
1606 N. 600 Rd., Baldwin City, KS 66006 Tel: 785/594-2966
E-mail: amyalbright@vinlandvalleynursery.com Web: www.vinlandvalleynursery.com


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