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Representative Native Plants


Here we present some representative native plants: trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. These plants happen to be from the Pacific Northwest. Similar plant groups are found in each region of the country, and some regions, particularly arid regions, may include more such as cacti.

To learn more about native plants that are local to your area, you might visit a local natural area or one or more of the local nurseries listed in our NATIVE PLANT NURSERY DIRECTORY. You might also choose to inquire at a local nonprofit or municipal entity that is versed in native plants, many of which are listed in our COMMUNITY SERVICES DIRECTORY, or to consult one of the may publications listed in our RECOMMENDED BOOKS section. Another great avenue is perusing one or more of our REGIONAL PLANT LISTS .

To learn more about landscaping with native plants please visit our HOW-TO tutorial section. Enjoy! PN.

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